Angkor Wat is a mirror of civilization. Decay and desolation. Living our lives, we to believe that humanity is evolving and everlasting, but as we venture into the jungle and touch remnants of ancient civilizations: stones and giant tree roots, it changes the way we see our true place in nature and in the world. Furious gods of anger and time crush human pride and narcissism.

There is no civilization, no nation that exists forever. Only time is invincible. Our homes will turn into ruins someday. This is the true plan of creation: golden temples or peptide chains of the human genome – everything dies, because immortality denies movement. Ideals are motionless, like ruins, stuck in the ground, but life is a river.

Its waters run through us. Children are born and grow up, houses are built and destroyed, our voices disappear in silence. River washes away streets of ancient cities. There’s no time. There is only life and the ruins that it leaves behind. Time is a dream if life. Lost among ruins embraced by trees, we fall asleep forever.